Why are those who are not eyelashes talking about lumigan

In this product into the market can be favored by advertising consumers. It is no wonder. Lumigan is the first FDA-approved prescription for the treatment of eyelashes or lacks enough eyelashes to promote eyelash growth fluid, which promotes eyelashes to grow longer, more abundance, thicker and darker.

Lumigan cost solution is a treatment of eyelashes that promote its growth. Clinically proven to promote eyelash growth, become thick black. Lumigan is not eye drops, no effect on vision, do not apply to your eyes or lower eyelids. Careless, without cleaning.

Lumigan solution is treated once a day, apply to local eyelid eyelashes, not suitable for lower eyelid treatment. Follow the doctor’s instructions. Gradually effect out, in just 8 weeks, the length of eyelashes increased significantly, after 16 weeks, eyelashes become Alice long, thick, simply can not believe this is their own eyelashes.

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