What is lumigan Lash Serum?

This eyelash enhancer is having bimatoprost ophthalmic solution which helps in the growth of eye lashes. The basic formula of making Latisse eye lash enhancing serum was derived from the medicine Lumigan which was also manufactured by pharmaceutical company. Lumigan was used for treating pressure in the eyes due to too much of fluid present it in the eyes. When this medicine Lumigan was used for removing the fluid contents in the eyes then it also had a side effect of eye lashes growth and this medicine was banned by FDA. But this was a very effective medicine and was very successful apart from this one side effect.

Now with the same formula along with bimatoprost Latisse lash serummanufactured and the medicine turned out to be very popular and safe for everyone to use. This is great eye lash enhancer used by many celebrities to have lengthy eye lashes which will make them look more stunning and beautiful. Now you don’t have to worry about the hair loss at the eye lashes. Now order lumigan without prescription and start using the medicine and you will be able to get the most attractive eye lashes in just 16 weeks.

So buy generic lumigan 0.03% from any drug store as this is a non prescription medicine and you can start using it right away but you should have the complete information about the medicine and then only start using this medicine. Order bimatoprost lash serum and you will love the result that you can see in just 4 weeks duration and in 16 weeks you will be able to a model like eyes. Do not user the cheaper form of lumigan serum as there are many drug stores that sell duplicate medicines.

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