Thicker Lashes Naturally with New FDA Approved Drug

Allergan is the company introduced Botox to the world. While developing a drug for glaucoma, called Lumigan Eye Drops, researchers found the group using the new drug had dramatic growth of their eyelashes. The active ingredient identified to cause eyelash growth is called Bimatoprost. Allergan then created Latisse to take advantage of this effect. Some those who used Lumigan experienced a darkening of their iris and eyelids. Because Latisse uses 5% of this active ingredient, applied to the eye lash and not in the eye.

Lashes 25% longer,106% thicker and 18% darker were reported at the end of a 16 week study, using Latisse. Applied to the upper eyelid only, changes were noted at the 8 week mark. With these numbers Latisse sounds like a mascara advertisement!3.6% of the members of the study reported eye itching. No other side effects were noted. There is some concern green and hazel eyes might become permanently darkened. The upper eyelid also might be affected by becoming darker, because eye drops were used on the eyelid.
Eye lash follicles last about 4 to 5 months. So when you stop using Latisse, your lash length will gradually reduce as old lashes fall out to be replaced by normal ones.No more false eyelashes or extensions for you! Latisse can grow your own eyelashes longer and thicker. The only FDA approved drug for eyelash growth.

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