Lumigan little secret

Want to have a long eyelashes, you still keep the day grafting eyelashes, kind of eyelashes, painted mascara it? So, you’re out! A long time, slowly not only not long eyelashes, but also only getting worse! Give you recommend eyelash growth liquid burst, small green bottle lumigan has become, thousands of Amy beauty of choice!

The growth of eyelashes is slow because of its very short growth period (only 1 month), while the dormancy period is very long (3-5 months), more than 90% of the eyelashes in a dormant state. The body of each hair, have to go through the dormant period, the growth period, off the cycle of the cycle. To achieve rapid growth of eyelashes, the key is to break the eyelash hair follicle “dormant period” to activate the hair follicle in the hair cells, which is the famous “eyelash activation to promote the theory.”

Lumigan generic eyelash growth fluid is a, specifically for eyelash growth, fashion beauty products. Many beautiful women if the eyelashes grow too short, too thin, even if there is a pair of bright and moving eyes, low first look back between the eyes, it is difficult to “run glimpse of” Chu Chu Shen Zi. Lumigan eyelash growth fluid, after all, the beauty of the ladies “boudoir”, “bag in the treasure”, it will be for ladies, modern fashion life add a touch, the magic of glory. Just stick to the use of a week, lumigan eyelash growth fluid, will let you see the obvious effect!

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