Lumigan gives you a beautiful long eyelashes

Everyone wants their eyes beautiful and moving, gods flying. Born with long eyes and thick eyelashes, but also cherish the car. As the Oriental people’s congenital factors coupled with genetic and individual differences, many people’s eyelashes sparse, or even fall off, constantly through the traditional make-up method, mascara, false eyelashes, planting eyelashes and other means to increase the attractiveness.

Lumigan eyelash users found that it has the side effects of promoting eyelash growth, the latest research shows that Lumigan active ingredient – bimatoprost (bimatoprost), in the scalp has the same effect, the test found a former Unknown molecular signaling pathway associated with hair follicle hair growth.

Bimatoprost will gradually change the color of the eye, by increasing the number of melanin cells in the melanin particles, to increase the iris brown pigment. The process of changing the iris color is slow and may not be obvious for months or even years. The user should be informed of the possibility of iris color changes. Lumigan contains preservatives – benzethonium chloride, which will be absorbed by soft contact lenses. Before use should be removed from the invisible eyes, you can wear again after 15 minutes. Pagi prod norin can gradually change the eyelashes, these changes include increasing the length of the eyelashes, thickness, blackness, and concentration.

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