For Getting Stunning Eyelashes

Gone are the days when ladies use false eyelashes to make their eyes look beautiful, today they have the option of using this serum to re-grow thick and long eyelashes naturally. It was an accident through which latisse was discovered. Earlier there was an eye drop by the name lumigan that was used to treat glucauma patients. After some time many patients reported that their eyelashes have grown significantly after using lumigan. When the tests were conducted it was cleared that bimatoprost solution, which was the ingredient in lumigan is the ingredient that has the capability to re-grow eyelashes and hence this serum was manufactured. Today you can purchase this medicine online through various online drug stores.

After getting the luxury to buy lumigan eye drops online, the sales of the product has increased by nearly 43 percent. Online purchase has made it easy for all females to get their hands on their dream product that can make their eyes look beautiful. According to the latest survey only in US around 49 percent of the female population purchases this medicine and most of the sales are through online portals only.

Around 46 percent of these buyers are of the age group of 16 years to 25 years and this is the age group when females are much worried about their beauty. Moreover through online drug stores one can order latisse without prescription and get it delivered at their address. All these luxuries plus the efficiency of the lumigan serum has made it the top eyelash re-growth medication. The best part of the medication is that eyelashes are grown naturally.

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