Eyelash growth liquid that makes the eyes more beautiful

Beauty is something like no woman will ever deny having it in every part of her body. Eyes are most important and they kind of increase the charm of your face. Eyelashes which are thicker and longer definitely make your eyes beautiful. There is nothing like Bimatoprost glaucoma treatment ophthalmic solution for effective eyelash growth.
3ml Bimatoprost was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in December 2008, the cosmetic formulation of bimatoprost will be sold as lash enhancer Latisse, originally the drug was prescribed to control Glaucoma, patients and Doctor alike have noticed that eyelash growth is a side effect of bimatoprost. This is also available in the generic form and is known as Generic lumigan. This drug like all other drugs should be used under strict medical supervision. This is effective in the eyelash growth but it might produce serious side effects too. Therefore to be on a safer side; do not self medicate with Generic lumigan.

This drug should be applied only at the base of the eyelashes with the help of the applicator. The applicator should be disposable. Please take care while applying the solution over your eyelashes to enhance their growth and thickness that you will not apply the solution around the eye as it may darken that area which is one of its side effects. Thus consult your doctor first and then purchase lumigan eye drops but buying lumigan without prescription is also possible from online drug stores.

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