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This eyelash enhancer is having bimatoprost ophthalmic solution which helps in the growth of eye lashes. The basic formula of making Latisse eye lash enhancing serum was derived from the medicine Lumigan which was also manufactured by pharmaceutical company. Lumigan was used for treating pressure in the eyes due to too much of fluid present […]

Allergan is the company introduced Botox to the world. While developing a drug for glaucoma, called Lumigan Eye Drops, researchers found the group using the new drug had dramatic growth of their eyelashes. The active ingredient identified to cause eyelash growth is called Bimatoprost. Allergan then created Latisse to take advantage of this effect. Some […]

Lumigan eyelash is prescribed for glaucoma, a condition in which the pressure in the eyeball is too high. Glaucoma affects the eyesight. The edges of the field of view disappear, making it seem like if the patient looks through a tube. This is often accompanied by painful, red eyes. Lumigan ensures that the pressure in […]