What results can I expect with Lumigan?


40% longer


30% fuller


20% stronger

lumigan Eyelash Serum On Sale

Lumigan contains fatty acid Bimatoprost. It is a synthetically developed analogue of prostaglandins which has similar mechanism of the action. It reaches the eye-ball and increases the volume of the liquid outflow from the eye. It reduces the load to the eye ball and the intraocular pressure.

Lumigan has gained a great popularity after the unusual clinical studies during which the drug for the glaucoma treatment obtained a new destination. As Bimatoprost increases the phase of the length of the active life of hair follicles this drug is able to increase the hair growth in the place of the application (eyelashes). Applying this drug to the eyelashes there is their increase in the volume and length by about 40-50%.

If you do not have thick eyelashes and have complexes about it, the products for the increase of the eyelashes will help you which a cosmetic medical product Lumigan belongs to.There are two reasons why you should buy Lumigan: it is a great product to improve the growth of the eyelashes and it is one of the best drugs for the treatment of glaucoma.

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